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Michailova Liubov Victorovna was born in 1958 in Podolsk (Moscow region). In 1981 she graduates from Art faculty of MTA (Moscow Tecnological Academy , studios of V.N. Petrov-Kamchatskiy and V.S. Goshko). Since 1996 becomes a member of International Art Fund. In 1998 was accepted to Union of Arts of Russia and to International Association of plastic arts - IAPA UNESCO. Local, Regional and Republic Exhibitions member. Her pictures are in Japan , German, Canadian and Russian private collections...

Exhibitions and participation:

Toronto Art Expo, Canada (
Russian Art Week, Moscow, Russia
Regional exhibitions, Russia (Noginsk, Shchelkovo)

Personal exhibition at Cultural Center DOM dedicated to Peruvian expedition

Personal exhibitions at CHA (Central House of Artists), Moscow, Russia
Regional exhibitions, Russia (Podolsk)

International Art Salon, CHA (Central House of Artists), Moscow, Russia
Art Manege, Moscow, Russia

Personal exhibitions, Russia (Podolsk, Troitsk)

At the beginning of her artistic root Liubov claimed to be a delicate water-colorist. She participated at lots of exhibitions and even then attracted attention of wide range of professionals and lovers of water-colour painting. Most of that works were flower still lifes, landscapes and composition series (“Shamrocks”, “Herbs and Fruits” etc). The poesy of artists perception gives its fascination to a basic beauty of a plot, and the delicate work on details gives the paintings attributes of music. Water-color demands advanced brush-working skills, sometimes providing wide dabs, sometimes thin strokes. The technique of compilation of a landscape with a still-life gives rich possibilities and allows the artist to give a more exact appeal and to fill water-colors with epic mood (“Spring is coming”, “Winter morning”, “End of summer”, “Herbs and fruits”). The series of flower still-lifes are distinguished with a wonderful lightness, vivid hues and amazing harmony at the same time.

The short life of a flower gains an eternal beauty on a paper sheet…

Liubov Michailova is a wide skilled artist working in a range of different techniques. Oil painting is another part of her creative work. Here she found her own style too. It's not just fixation of reality, but an imaginary compositions made of existing objects of our life taking us to worlds of another values and meanings, worlds of high spirit and inspiration. The two principles of her work – emotional and mental, sometimes in opposition, sometimes overcoming each other, are always organizing into the canvas structure.

Recently, Liubov travels a lot to find an inspiration in images of another countries and traditions of foreign civilizations, discovering appearances unusual for Europeans. (“Additional at Peru” and other works of the Peruvian series )

The works of recent years are new series “Dance”, “Song”, “Seasons” painted in oils were presented on international Toronto ART EXPO exhibition and were given a high grade by viewers and professionals. Fine painting hues of the latter works, the feature of women art, blends with an expression of work.

Liubov works productive, takes lots of experiments, searches for new topics to create and the same time remains the artist with its own vision and amazing perception of reality. Her art is unique. All this things allow us to be delighted with her art and impatiently wait for new original creations.



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